Fern Care Services Quality of Life is our Policy
Key contract Terms and Conditions
The right care worker for you

We will make every effort to understand your needs and requirements and supply you with a care worker who has the necessary skills and experience to carry out the tasks set out in the agreed care plan.

Care workers with identity badges

Each care worker is issued with a photo identity badge, which has the Fern Care Services logo and telephone number on it. We ask you to regularly check that the care worker has their identity badge on them and if you are in any doubt you can telephone the office for clarification.

Care workers punctuality and attendance

We expect, as you do, that our care workers will arrive on time and work for the allocated time. If however, they are delayed they have a duty to inform Fern Care Services, who will, in turn, keep you updated with their expected time of arrival.

Arrangements for covering Holiday periods and sickness

We aim to provide continuity of care and we will make every effort to provide you with a long term care worker. However, where a care worker is required to attend further training, taking holiday or when circumstances arise outside of our control (i.e, sickness), it may be necessary to change care workers. We will make every effort to give you notice and make changes as smooth as possible.

Safeguarding your money

If you need your care worker to handle money for you, e.g, to buy shopping or pay bills, there are strict accounting procedures for you to follow. Please speak to a Fern Care consultant for guidance. This process is to protect you and the care worker.

Data Protection Act

It is the organisation's policy that our care and support staff respect information given by service users, relatives or their representatives in confidence and handle all information about service users in accordance with the Data protection Act 1998.

Circumstances in which services may be cancelled or withdrawn

The main areas in which services may be cancelled or withdrawn are:

Quality assurance process of the service, monitoring and supervision of staff

Our service is run in the best interest of our service users. there is a process and a procedure for consulting with service users and their carers about the care service on a regular basis and assuring quality and monitoring performance.
Regular supervision meetings between line managers and care support workers. Also there are checks on records(care diaries), time sheets, etc.

Out of hours service

We provide a service 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. This service is available by telephoning the same Fern Care telephone number that you use during the day. Each member of the out of hours team has an in depth knowledge of providing healthcare services together with relevant knowledge/qualifications and/or experience as a care professional.

Your User Rights

It is right of every service user to receive quality home care services that are delivered professionally, confidentially, courteously, punctually and provided in such a way that recognises both the service users choice and individuality.

In accordance with Fern Care Services Equal Opportunities Policy, all service users have these basic rights irrespective of their colour, race, ethnic or national origin, gender, class, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. It is the right of every service user to express preference and choice in terms of what services are delivered to them.

Every service user has the right to make comment, complaint or compliment about any aspect of the service that they receive from Fern Care Services. Further, it is each service users' right to have a speedy resolution to any complaint or point of issue that they may raise. All service users have the fundamental rights to be treated as individuals and to be provided with their services in a manner that fully upholds and respects their dignity and maximises their potential to live independently and enhances their enjoyment of life in general.

How to complain?

All complaints should be directed to the manager, who will investigate inline with the agency policy. A copy of the complaints form is available from the agency office. The complaint will be investigated and the complainant will be informed of the outcome, in writing within 28 days.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, The National Care Standards Commission will be informed and it may be necessary to inform social services or to involve the police, if a criminal act has occurred.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you may contact the Commission for Social Care Inspection. You may of course contact the CSCI at any time and you may complain directly to the CSCI without making a complaint to Fern Care Services first.

Commission for Social Care Inspection Ilford Area Office,
Ferguson House
113 Cranbrook Rd,
Ilford Essex IG1 4PU
Tel: 0208-8477-0960 / Fax: 0208-8477-2984

Records of each complaint are kept, including details of the investigation for a period of three years. A statement of a summary of complaints made in any one year shall be made available to the CSCI upon request. Compliments are also welcomed and any compliments received will be put on file and the carer notified.

Quality Assurance

Fern Care is keen to ensure that high standards are maintained at all times and the service user is receiving the best possible care.

To do this, throughout the year, Fern Care Services will provide questionnaire's for service users to complete to provide the agency with feedback; reviews of policies and procedures following any complaints; random spot checks; regular supervision and training for carers; dealing with complaints inline with complaints procedure; inspections by the CSCI who's requirements will be actioned.