Fern Care Services Quality of Life is our Policy
Process for the Delivery of Care and Support

Whether we receive an initial phone call from a private individual or a referral from Social Services, we will arrange a convenient time to attend the service user’s home, to make an assessment of the service user’s individual needs with the service user and their family.

If the service user has any specialist needs such as communication difficulties, we will endeavour to meet those needs to ensure that the service user’s needs are an integral part of the assessment and care planning process. The assessment is an opportunity for the service user to discuss preferences, wishes and individual needs.

Once the care needs have been identified, a care plan will be agreed with the service user and/or their representative, and a copy will remain in the service user’s home.

In addition a detailed risk assessment will be undertaken to ensure minimum risk to the service user and the carer. This will include the use of electricity, equipment, lighting, security, tasks to be carried out and the local environment. There will also be risk assessments to identify the most vulnerable service users and plans to reduce the risks, such as when dealing with money or carrying our personal care.

The care plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the plan continues to meet the identified needs. Following a review any changes identified to the care plan will be discussed and agreed with the service user and/or their representative.

If the service user wishes to review the care they are receiving, they should contact Care Manager at anytime

Quality Assurance Process of the Service, Monitoring and Supervision of Staff

Our service is run in the best interest of our service users. There is a process and a procedure for consulting with service users and their carers about the care service on a regular basis and assuring quality and monitoring performance.

There are regular supervision meetings and checks are made on records (care diaries), timesheets, etc, to continuously review the service being provided.

Service User Rights

It is right of every service user to receive quality homecare services that is delivered professionally, confidentially, courteously, punctually and provided in such a way that recognises both the service users’ choice and individuality.

In accordance with Fern Care Services Equal Opportunities Policy, all service users have these basic rights irrespective of their colour, race, ethnic or national origin, gender, class, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

It is the right of every service user to express preference and choice in terms of what services are delivered to them.

Every service user has the right to make comment, complaint or compliment about any aspect of the service that they receive from Fern Care Services. It is also each service users’ right to have a speedy resolution to any complaint or point of issue that they may raise.

All service users have the fundamental right to be treated as individuals and to be provided with a service that fully upholds and respects their dignity and maximises their potential to live independently and enhance their enjoyment of life.

Circumstance in which Services May be Cancelled or Withdrawn

The main areas in which services may be cancelled or withdrawn are:

Out of Hours Service

Fern Care Services provide a service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not use an out of hours service and we can be contacted 24 hours a day.