Fern Care Services Quality of Life is our Policy

Fern Care Services will usually review its scale of charges on an annual basis. For long term contracts, Fern Care Services is able to offer private individuals, commissioning local authorities and private companies competitive rates.

Fern Care is able to accept direct payments from service users.


All Fern Care Services clients will be invoiced weekly and it is the clients’ choice to pay either by direct transfer or cheque. Fern Care cannot accept cash payments.


Our Care Workers are paid following presentation of a properly authorised timesheet signed by you or a representative. You should only sign the timesheet if the work has been carried out to your satisfaction. You should never sign a blank timesheet or one that has been written in advance of the care provided.

If you are unhappy about the standard of the work provided, please call Fern Care Services. Your call will be treated confidentially and your feedback welcomed. If you are unable to telephone us, please ask a representative to contact us on your behalf.

After each visit your care worker must complete a time sheet recording the length of time worked.

Fern Care Services require service users to confirm each entry made by the care worker by signing the carer’s timesheet at the end of every day. If for any reason, you are not able to perform this task, please contact Fern Care Services at your earliest convenience.

Financial Matters on Behalf of Service Users

As a general rule, Fern Care Services expects Service Users to manage and control their own money. There may, however, be occasions when care staff are required to assist Service Users where they are unable to manage unaided.

Where it is the regular duty of care staff to provide assistance with money, this will be documented in the care plan.

It is essential that Service Users are protected from financial exploitation and that care staff are protected from false allegations or misunderstandings.

If you need your Care Worker to handle money for you, eg, to buy shopping or pay bills, there are strict procedures for you and the Care Worker to follow. Please speak to the Care Manager for guidance. This process is to protect both you and the Care Worker.

Staff who manage money on behalf of Service Users must: