Fern Care Services Quality of Life is our Policy

Fern Care Services is a domiciliary care agency established in 2001 and dedicated to the provision of professional and high quality care. Fern Care Services offers tailored care packages to different user groups of all ages. We provide a service that is available 24 hours a day, used by private individuals, companies and various local authorities.  Our experience and knowledge enables us to provide professionals to support the care industry needs and requirements.

Fern Care is made up of experienced domiciliary care workers who are dedicated to their work and very flexible, who make every effort to see that our clients’ living conditions are as comfortable as possible while they remain in their homes. Fern Care staff are flexible enough to meet any change to the service you need at any time. Our carers are dedicated to doing things with service users and not doing for services users in all areas, encouraging independence for as long as it is possible leading to dignity, self-worth and a sense of wellbeing

Fern Care is fully registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) and has maintained a rating of Good from CQC for the past years.

Fern Care is able to provide care to different service user groups including:

Our services are offered to private individuals, companies and various local authorities. Domiciliary care (also known as home care) is a range of care services you can receive in your own home to help you cope with disability or illness, and to become or remain independent for as long as possible.

Home care services aim to:
The purpose of home care services is to meet the main care needs of adults aged 18 or over who: